Monday, June 9, 2008

WOW what a Month

These last few weeks have been really crazy.

Shane and I put in our front yard -HURRAY-,
To any of you out there that want to put in a drip system for your yard or garden I highly recommend it. You control how much water gets to each plant/tree/shrub. After you put it in you can always add new lines to new plants. The one thing that I suggest is not to get the tubing that has the holes already there. You have less control of where you plant things. You can over water or even underwater your plants. There is a lot of twisting and bending therefore needing much more tubing. It is really easy to do once you have your funny pipe in place.

Next ...

We had our basement framed!

This will be the future family room/theater room. We knock down a door pop out so that the room would be bigger, that is why the carpet is ticking out into the room.

I am standing in Levi's future room looking toward the hallway and an adjacent bedroom.

This is the basement bathroom.

The guys that framed our basement were AMAZING! (Big Z Construction) I also had some shelves put in my fruit room (so excited about that one) and they will be coming back in a month to do shelves in our garage and closing off our office walls so that it is more of a separate room.

We have had so much rain in the past week. The first day that it was nice, Levi and I went to his favorite park and played on the swings!

Random new things that Levi is up to

* Walking along furniture

* Figured out how to get into my cupboard's

* Crawling the speed of light

* Cutting three teeth at once