Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Our new washer and dryer


Favorite room

Second favorite room


Closest thing to a self portrait

Hubby and Kiddo!


Favorite shoes

Closet (won't be seeing mine)

Levi has some NEWS!!!

Yes! that is correct.....

I am pregnant! I am 3.5 months along and still THROWING UP! I have come to accept the fact that this pregnancy is going to be just like it was with Levi and refunding is going to be a normal activity of the day :) A few things are different... I have to take 2 Zofran (pills to keep me from throwing up too much) with Levi it was one. The nausea and refunding is all day and progressively gets worse at night (with Levi it was worse in the morning). Maybe it is a GIRL! :)

Since Levi was 2 months early my doctor wants me to recieve Progesterone shots once a week for 10 weeks in hopes of keeping the little peanut in there as long as possible. I start those in 2 weeks. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Shane is convinced that it is a Boy and has already named him Carson. It is so cute to see him sooooo excited.