Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas lights at Temple Square

The Christmas light display at Temple Square
never ceases to amaze me.

Levi absolutely loved them. OOOOHHHHH.....OOOOHHHHH
is all he would say. It was soooo cute.
Here are a few picts of the fun evening.

First Official Snow Fall!

It's about time....Offically the first real snow fall of the
season came the other day. So I decided to dress
Levi up warm and head out for some play time.
It was so cute, all he would do was shuffle through the snow.
At one point he touched it and started crying. He didn't realize
that it was cold.

The next thing I know he is in the street and running as fast as
he can go straight to Grandma Cheney's house
I tried diverting him but it was no use, so off
we went.
Luckly she was home. Who knows what would
have happened if we came home empty
handed. (note Reeses peanut butter cup in his hand)
It is so funny he knows exactly who to go to and where
to get what he wants. :)

Our Christmas Trees!!!!

Our Christmas trees are here!!!!
For the last 5 years I have wanted a Christmas
tree personally made by my very talented Aunt Susy, Uncle Doug and Cousin Mia.
And this year I was able to talk Shane into letting me get it for a
combined gift for my Birthday and Christmas.

This is Levi's Thomas the Train Tree.
Levi loves this tree. Every morning we
plug it in and all he can say is OOOOOHHHHHHH....

He then reaches out and touches/holds the trains,
going around to each one that he can touch continuing with
the OOOHHHHH..... OOOHHHH..... Sometimes he will stand back and
just scream with excitement. The Trains are wired on
really good so that when he touches them they don't fall off.
Susy, Doug and Mia you all did such an amazing job on them. Thank you!

This is our Christmas tree.
It is aprox 7 feet tall, and difficult to get a full pict of, but here is a close up.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged by my cute sister-in-law LIZ

Our new washer and dryer


Favorite room

Second favorite room


Closest thing to a self portrait

Hubby and Kiddo!


Favorite shoes

Closet (won't be seeing mine)

Levi has some NEWS!!!

Yes! that is correct.....

I am pregnant! I am 3.5 months along and still THROWING UP! I have come to accept the fact that this pregnancy is going to be just like it was with Levi and refunding is going to be a normal activity of the day :) A few things are different... I have to take 2 Zofran (pills to keep me from throwing up too much) with Levi it was one. The nausea and refunding is all day and progressively gets worse at night (with Levi it was worse in the morning). Maybe it is a GIRL! :)

Since Levi was 2 months early my doctor wants me to recieve Progesterone shots once a week for 10 weeks in hopes of keeping the little peanut in there as long as possible. I start those in 2 weeks. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Shane is convinced that it is a Boy and has already named him Carson. It is so cute to see him sooooo excited.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Levi is finally walking!!! Shane and I decided that Levi would love to
see the zoo, so off we went. The weather
was perfect and Levi had a BLAST!!

Levi loved the train ride.
Here are some random picts of Levi. I never
thought that his mouth was big enough to inhale
the whole thing. I was afraid that he would drowned
Levi loves sharing apples with Shane

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I did it! My first 10K and crossed the finish line in just under and hour. I think it was 57 min. It was such a blur, I was so excited to be done. The weather was great and it wasn't too hot.

Trying not to laugh, I saw a guy on the side of the road barfing up his guts just after mile two ......... in my head I was thinking that some people take these fun runs WAY TOO SERIOUSLY... And MAN WERE THERE A TON OF PEOPLE THAT HAD SOME SERIOUS BODY ODOR. It was poisoning the much needed clean air that it was trying to inhale. :) Then at the end it couldn't have gotten any worse when all of the sweaty people were herded through a small area of fruit and bagels...... stuffy and sweaty mmmmmmm lets take a bite of that bagel. Your chances of getting someone elses sweat all over the bagel were so high that I used my hand to shield it..I wanted it pretty bad :)

We almost didn't make it. Thanks to Shane and his great driving skills (which happened to be the first time that I witnessed him passing others on the freeway) he got me to the start line with 2 min to spare. Shane was such a trooper. Last night he didn't get home from work until 11pm due to a Life Flight that he had to go on. Luckily it was only to Wyoming. So he was running off of 4 hrs of sleep.

Here are my cheerleaders at the finish line :)

I don't have to worry about Levi not eating his Veggies. He loves his carrots and celery!

This is Levi's favorite book. Isn't he so cute. I had to post it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Megan is finally MARRIED !!!

Megan and Nick were married in the South Jordan Temple Saturday July 12th at 11:30am. She was so pretty. I was not able to get pictures with my camera due to Levi FREAKING OUT most of the time, but I will get some posted soon.

The weather was great.... a bit hot....but survivable :)

The Reception

This was the only photo that I was able to capture with my camera. Again Levi was definately dealing with mommy withdrawls. Every time I would take out the camera he would instantly grab it and the picture would be blurred. I will post them as soon as I get some.

Gabby took these photos, I just stole them from his blog :)

Megan had an outdoor reception in Peterson, Ut

Which turned out perfect. The kids loved the chocolate fountain (who wouldn't) along with the strawberries, pretzels and rice crispies. My cousin did an amazing job on the wedding cake. ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS!!! And yes Marcela you need to start a professional cake decorating business.

Afternoon at the Pool

Cute Addie!

Sweet Aubree!
Adorable Austin!
Cute Addie!

Levi had a blast.

He loved playing with his cousins, and I enjoyed spending time with Liz.