Saturday, February 21, 2009

Look at what a TALENTED sister-in-law
I have.  Liz took these really cute 
Pict's of my gigantic belly at 33weeks.  
We are so excited for Olivia to come
to our family.  Levi definitely knows
something is going to change but can't
quite figure it out, or maybe he does, just yesterday I was
rocking a baby in his car seat and talking to him
and Levi completely flipped out.  

Levi the fearless one!
Changing light bulbs in our house is rather difficult.
You can't just stand on a chair and wwwaaallllaaa the
bulb is changed.  Now we need a ladder, not just any ladder
a HUGE one, and not to mention that Levi loves to climb.
Put two and two together and you have the above. 
He would have gone all the way to the top stair, but 
Shane and I didn't want to get that far.  I could only imagine
him throwing a fit and down he goes.  

If he is not in his birthday suit he is close to it.  
He has now discovered how to get his diaper off,
this time he became too tired and left it half on half
off and was completely satisfied.  

Lately Levi has been getting way to fast for me to catch. 
He knows when the best time to RUN and that is immediately
after his bath or in the middle of a diaper change.  With my 
center of gravity off kilter, I am delayed somewhat :) He loves to 
run through the house in his birthday suit and blanket.