Saturday, February 21, 2009

Levi the fearless one!
Changing light bulbs in our house is rather difficult.
You can't just stand on a chair and wwwaaallllaaa the
bulb is changed.  Now we need a ladder, not just any ladder
a HUGE one, and not to mention that Levi loves to climb.
Put two and two together and you have the above. 
He would have gone all the way to the top stair, but 
Shane and I didn't want to get that far.  I could only imagine
him throwing a fit and down he goes.  


Bethany G. said...

What a gorgeous belly you have! Great pics! You will cherish those for years to come! I'm still working on getting some clothes together to send out your way....

The TV in the background looks like my hubbies (65 inch - rolling my eyes) Why do they need such ginormous tv's?? lol