Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas lights at Temple Square

The Christmas light display at Temple Square
never ceases to amaze me.

Levi absolutely loved them. OOOOHHHHH.....OOOOHHHHH
is all he would say. It was soooo cute.
Here are a few picts of the fun evening.

First Official Snow Fall!

It's about time....Offically the first real snow fall of the
season came the other day. So I decided to dress
Levi up warm and head out for some play time.
It was so cute, all he would do was shuffle through the snow.
At one point he touched it and started crying. He didn't realize
that it was cold.

The next thing I know he is in the street and running as fast as
he can go straight to Grandma Cheney's house
I tried diverting him but it was no use, so off
we went.
Luckly she was home. Who knows what would
have happened if we came home empty
handed. (note Reeses peanut butter cup in his hand)
It is so funny he knows exactly who to go to and where
to get what he wants. :)

Our Christmas Trees!!!!

Our Christmas trees are here!!!!
For the last 5 years I have wanted a Christmas
tree personally made by my very talented Aunt Susy, Uncle Doug and Cousin Mia.
And this year I was able to talk Shane into letting me get it for a
combined gift for my Birthday and Christmas.

This is Levi's Thomas the Train Tree.
Levi loves this tree. Every morning we
plug it in and all he can say is OOOOOHHHHHHH....

He then reaches out and touches/holds the trains,
going around to each one that he can touch continuing with
the OOOHHHHH..... OOOHHHH..... Sometimes he will stand back and
just scream with excitement. The Trains are wired on
really good so that when he touches them they don't fall off.
Susy, Doug and Mia you all did such an amazing job on them. Thank you!

This is our Christmas tree.
It is aprox 7 feet tall, and difficult to get a full pict of, but here is a close up.