Saturday, July 18, 2009

I know I am a slacker!!! :)

As you can probably tell, Olivia has grown
a ton. I believe that she is approx 16 + lbs.
I have completely lost track. We have her 4 month check up on
the 20th, so I am curious to find out.
Things Olivia is doing.......
Rolling side to side
perfecting her tempter tantrums (she has more then Levi in one day)
she just found her feet yesterday and rarely lets them go.
hates to lay on her back at a slight incline
talks non-stop

Things Levi is doing

Eats ice cream almost every day
Loves bugs
Enjoys being outside, LOVES SWIMMING
Can still fit in his Bumbo seat
Loves playing with Olivia
He is very independent, loves putting on face lotion all by himself
Enjoys playing with toy cars/trains/trucks and crashing them into everything (especially my feet)
Levi can count to 10
Identifes most of the alphabet
Loves to sing, dance and being chased around the house
Levi just started to eat mostly with utensils (finally)
I think Levi is going to be left handed, he does 90% of eating and throwing toy's :) with his left hand.
Complete terror one minute and an angel the next. It is cute how he can tell that Shane or I are getting frustrated with him he will put his face up into yours, turns his head to the side and says HI... HI... HI... with the cutest smile.
Doesn't like to share much.
He loves wearing hats.....
My little boy is growing up so fast!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Lately I have begun to notice truly how opposite Levi and Olivia are.

Levi was a predictable eater
Olivia we have no clue. One minute she is satisfied and another minute she is screaming her head off like she has not eaten all day.
Levi's bottle had to have the fastest flow humanly possible
Olivia's bottle has to be the slowest flow humanly possible or she drowns
Levi never had colic
Olivia was screaming most of the first month and a half
Levi never slept through the night until he was 10 months old
Olivia has been sleeping through the night for the past month
Levi loved a binki
Olivia absolutely dispises the binki
Levi never sucked on his thumb
Olivia loves her Right thumb
Levi was a predictable pooper and never had a blow out
Olivia she can go up to 5-6 days with out any and then with out warning it is all over everything and deeply thick.
Levi's baby farts were undetectable
Olivia's are deadly
Levi never pee'd when his diaper was being changed
Olivia pee's almost every time
Levi never had issues with eczema
Olivia has eczema everywhere
Levi loves his car seat and loves to go for car rides
Olivia hates her car seat and 50% of the time doesn't like car rides
Levi took multiple naps throughout the day
Olivia only naps a total of 2 hrs all day.
Levi had/has extremely blonde hair
Olivia has dark hair
Levi just barely got on the growth chart.
Olivia is in the 50th%tile on the growth chart
They both LOVE their Bath time's