Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Point and Tulip Festival

This is a cute clip of a baby lamb licking Levi's fingers.

A few things Levi is doing:

- Army crawling (and picking up speed), within a moments time he is out of the room and 3/4 way down the hall.

-Pulling himself up on furnature and not realizing that he has to hold on

-Thanks to Megan he shakes his head NO! especially when he is eating.

-Sleeping through the night

-Loves to play hide and seek. All I have to say is "Where is my Levi!" , you hear a squeel and bump ...draaaaggg.....giggle giggle...bump....draaaggg... giggle..giggle before I know it he is peeking around a corner trying to locate me.

-Finding himself in tight spaces (pict above) Levi gets stuck everywhere. I hear him playing and moving around then a cry of frustration (he can't sit up) and that is what I found. Levi stuck between the shelfs of our TV stand.

Tulip Festival

Animals at Thanksgiving point