Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Point and Tulip Festival

This is a cute clip of a baby lamb licking Levi's fingers.

A few things Levi is doing:

- Army crawling (and picking up speed), within a moments time he is out of the room and 3/4 way down the hall.

-Pulling himself up on furnature and not realizing that he has to hold on

-Thanks to Megan he shakes his head NO! especially when he is eating.

-Sleeping through the night

-Loves to play hide and seek. All I have to say is "Where is my Levi!" , you hear a squeel and bump ...draaaaggg.....giggle giggle...bump....draaaggg... giggle..giggle before I know it he is peeking around a corner trying to locate me.

-Finding himself in tight spaces (pict above) Levi gets stuck everywhere. I hear him playing and moving around then a cry of frustration (he can't sit up) and that is what I found. Levi stuck between the shelfs of our TV stand.


Liz said...

I miss this stage! Enjoy it while it lasts before they start screaming in your face and punching you. or ripping their poopy diaper from underneath them so poop falls on their blanket so you have to wash it when you were trying to put him to bed so then you get to listen to him scream since his blanket is in the wash..and where is dave...WATCHING THE FREAK'IN GAME!!!