Friday, September 12, 2008


Levi is finally walking!!! Shane and I decided that Levi would love to
see the zoo, so off we went. The weather
was perfect and Levi had a BLAST!!

Levi loved the train ride.
Here are some random picts of Levi. I never
thought that his mouth was big enough to inhale
the whole thing. I was afraid that he would drowned
Levi loves sharing apples with Shane


Liz said...

You should of called me! david took Aubree to the game so I was home with Addie and Austin enjoying my day off doing what I do every day! (maybe I'm just bitter cuz Addie's in the background throwing a fit! Ask me if I'm going to go see whats wrong...NOPE!)

Bethany G. said...

Yay!! You're back! So I am, btw! This posting consistantly stuff is harder than it looks! Your little guy is so cute! How old now?

Oberg family said...

i am so glad you sent me your blogging address!!! i cannot believe that levi is walking! gavin wants to walk so bad but doesn't have enough confidence letting go of my hands. in time, naomi, in is amaizing how big levi is! i need to get with it and update my blog and his baby site. give the baby a big hug for me and tell shane hi! take care and i miss you guys!

Witney said...

Holy Cow! That kid is Huge!! When are you going to let me babysit? Me and Kory need practice!

Brad and Rochelle said...

Levi is SO freakin cute!!!