Saturday, December 15, 2007

A few facts about me

- First and foremost I am extremely TERRIFIED of spiders. Microscopic to HUGE!!!! the size doesn't matter they are ALL HUGE, GIGANTIC..... and they all ATTACK!

-I love being a Wife and a Mom.

- I can't stand it when things are not put in their perspective places. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (sorry megan)

-I would rather scrub the bathroom than do grocery shopping and laundry, but I do enjoy ironing, 90% of my clothes have to be ironed

- I am the worst decorator, our poor house still does not have anything hanging on the walls (except for the (3) floral arrangements my mom made) she has the best eye for those things.

- I ABSOLUTELY love to run.. it is the best stress reliever ever.

- My favorite action figure of all time is BUZZ LIGHTYEAR..... TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

- I love to laugh

- The Office (Dwight is my favorite) and Seinfeld are my favorite TV shows reruns never get old..

- Spending time with family is very important to me

- It really bugs me when people don't pick up their feet when they walk

A calculator is a Nurses best friend (found this at staples and bought 4, you can never have too many)

- I look up to my parents for their wisdom

- I am the worst back seat driver,and I do admit that at times I can get aggressive behind the wheel (that usually only happens if I am late somewhere)

- It drives me crazy when people are late and I HATE BEING LATE. Shane doesn't mind and it makes me want to scream

- Wearing socks drives me crazy. As soon as I am in the door shoes and socks off.

- My brother and I accidentally started our house on fire when we were 2-3 yrs old.

I love watermelon

and HATE seafood

- my favorite beverage is lemonade and sprite mixed half and half...... mmmmmmmmmmm REFRESHING....

- I have this awful habit of not thinking things through before doing them... for example one Christmas I was putting up a real tree that a roommates dad had given us and it needed a small branch to be removed in order to fit in the tree stand..... of coarse I don't have a saw so the next best thing was a bread knife.... sawing away (it worked quite nicely) once done I thought "Oh no now this is not sharp..." with out hesitation I whipped out my index finger and sliced a way. As soon as I had cut my finger it dawned on me that that could have been the most stupid thing I have ever done... why didn't I think #1 then #2 why my finger. Luckily it wasn't a bad cut and it healed quite nicely. Every time I look at a bread knife, I think "THOSE KNIVES ARE ALWAYS SHARP" with a smile on my face :) I am so thankful that this doesn't happen very often.


CHAR said...

I am glad that we share the talent of not thinking through things before we do them. It really does take talent! I miss you because I haven't seen you in a long time. I haven't seen you since you and Levi visited me at work. Hope to see you soon. Love ya! Char

Anonymous said...

Rahndi, I love this post! I laughed that you're scared of spiders like I am. I also totally agree on the sprite and lemonade mixture as well as running being a stress reliever.