Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eye Exam

No Lazy Eye ! Hurray! For the last few months we have been noticing that Levi's left eye would turn in occasionally, more often when he was tired, and there is a strong history on Shane's side of the family so we decided to have it checked out. Levi's exam was flawless and the doc couldn't detect anything so he recommended that we need to still keep a close eye :) on it for the next 6 months.

Levi is more and more active these days. Here are a few pictures of the last few days.


Ben and Sara said...

I'm so glad he doesn't have the lazy eye. He is so cute!!!!

The Egan Family said...

He likes to play in the water from the spout too? I can't get Krew outta it! Drives me nuts! He will throw the biggest fit trying to get him out of the tub. Your little guys is darling! That is great news! Keep on posting!

Brant & Leslie said...

Hey, I was just reading though your blog and reading that you work at Primary Children's! That was always a dream of mine to work there. I got a little taste of Primary's when Adelyn was life flighted there but other than that It was just a dream. I will be here in Burley at the hospital working as a nurse and I think that's as far as I will make it. I have friends there right now that I believe are in the NICU. Just wanted to say hi and It's so fun to see pictures of your family. Take care! Leslie Darrington

The Jones Family said...

It's funny how some things work out. I guess the little guy was ready to meet his cute parents. How is working and being a mom going? He is a cutie!