Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weekend Outing to Idaho

These are Jamie's two kids Cody and Keethen

These are David's two kids Merik and Taci, I just now figured out that I never got a pict of their other daughter Ireland.


Over the moon said...

I saw those dancers at the BYU basketball game too! Did the oldest dancer go down in the splits? Jamie's kids are SO cute, and Levi is growing up so fast...he looks adorable with his new hair cut!

Alisha W. said...

Hey! It was good seeing you at church last week! It really is a small world! Sorry I didn't sit and chat much, I had tons of stuff that needed to get done before a certain time AND I still had to get Taylor changed!
You looked fabulous and I LOVED your hair!
Hope to run into you again sometime!