Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new Camera = Tons of pictures!

What is that you ask? Olivia was helping me make dinner Sunday when I looked over and saw that she had the whole potato in her mouth.
The kids and I playing "peek a boo"

One of my really good friends in the NICU gave Levi a firefighting outfit. Doesn't he look so cute.
Olivia of course had to try it on as well. I couldn't resist. After all she just might be a firefighter like her mom!
Olivia loves rides on Levi's new trike
I caught Levi sneaking his Lolly pop to Olivia.

Levi and Olivia eating each others food.

How stink n' cute
Our cute Olivia has been sick since Turkey day! When will this end! That is all BOOGER and still she smiles.

Shane told me the other day that the day after we celebrated Christmas Levi came running out of his room and wanted round 2 of santa. How cute.

What Olivia is up to.
-Olivia has figured out that our food is a heck of a lot better than baby food.
- She is a very picky eater
-She is really close to crawling. She actually crawls but goes backwards which gets her really frustrated so she army crawls to get where she wants.
-She is 20lbs at 9months!
-She has been sick since Turkey day. And currently has 2 ear infections.
-Loves her baths
-Wears 12-18mo. clothes
-She loves wrestling with Levi
-She flips out when you walk by her and don't pick her up

What Levi has been up to:
-Talking more and more.
-Potty training is still ongoing.
-loves to lock himself in the bathroom
-Goes to time out when told (most of the time)
-Loves playing with is cousin AUSTIN. Any mention of Austin's name and Levi flips out. They have so much fun together
-enjoys feeding grandpa chards horses their cereal and grass
-Can't go to sleep with out his ambulance and fire truck.
-He has had 2 colds so far.
-Keeps me running and running!!!!!!


Zar said...

We are glad to have you back...we missed you!


Megan and Nick said...

Cute pics! Olivia is growing soooo fast what kind of camera did you get? Nice to see the new update. Love yah!


Megan and Nick said...
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