Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Growing up way too fast

Levi turns 3 this next month and Olivia has already turned 1.

Miss Olivia is in to everything. Her most fascinated locations in the house are the toilets and garbage cans. Some of her activities are, cruising the furniture, crawling at extreme speeds, and playing patty cake while standing unassisted. It is so cute to see/hear her crawl. She slaps her right hand harder on the ground as she crawls. Her other way of getting around is being dragged by her brother.
Levi is becoming such a big brother. Besides dragging around Olivia he gets her to laugh so hard she gags. He also roughs her up a bit. Last night he was telling me how he pushed Olivia over and she fell and got an owie and that dad put him in time out. Then he tells me that he shouldn't have gone to time out cuz he had an owie too. He loves driving G-pa Chard's red truck in the field and talks about it every night before going to bed.