Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday at Grandma & Grandpa Chard's

I had no idea that cat tail's were soft, for some reason I always thought that the brown part (the cat tail) was hard. Well I learned yesturday that they are really soft but you have to be really delicate with them or you are covered in little seeds. Dad and I went walking in what we call (the field). It is a piece of land that my dad partially own's with his siblings. In the very back (my dad's portion) there is a large area of cat tails. Anyway dad snaps one off and says look, as he was bringing it around for me to view he touches it and (me not expecting it) POOF! I was startled at first, mainly cuz I thought that it was hard. Every inch of dad's head was covered. Spitting and sputtering as we laughed. It was fun to spend some one on one with pops. Love you DADDY.

Lately Levi gets a kick out of noises that people make. You make a noise and he starts to smile and then he gets this look (very serious) like what are you doing. After a while he decides that it is funny and will laugh. Grandma loves to give him baths so every time we visit he gets a dunking, the only thing is is that we have only two places to bathe, the tub (in a bathroom barely big enough for one medium sized person and kills your back if you lean over the tub) or the kitchen sink. It is rather big, but for a babe that loves to splash and sprowl it doesn't seem to work as well. It is working for now but before long we are going to have to sacrefice our backs for some splash time. :)


BenandSara said...

Cute pictures!! I'll bet it was nice to spend some time with your parents. How are they doing anyway?

suz young said...

Levi is turning into a regular person! I love when they do that. How cute.
I loved your little essay on Cattails. My brother said it is illegal to pick them in the Minneosta marshes; they are protected! So enjoy poofing them in Utah.