Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saggy Pants

Levi is now going through a phase where
he hates his diaper being changed. Before
when it was time for diaper changes he would
be the first to sit down and HOLD STILL!!! Now
it is a game of WHO CAN CATCH ME first followed by
screaming and kicking. Last night Shane changed
a poopy one and poop was flying everywhere!!!!!

The other day the kids and I were in the car and out of no where
I hear Levi yell "OH, COME ON!!!!", "OH, GOSH!" and
"CRAP!" Looking around trying to figure out what
he was referring to, I then realized that I was approaching
a slow moving car in the fast lane. Laughing my head off, I
remembered that my driving was much like what my mother's
was when I was growing up. Me and my siblings would sing Cruel la Devil when my mom would do the same thing behind the wheel. (We still singtoday!)
Levi picks up things so fast (obviously as stated above:). He now can identify 24 of the 26 letters of the Alphabet. Now we need to work on his colors. Does anyone have
any tips on how to accomplish that task? I have tried and his attention span is 5 seconds.


andrea kay said...

Love the saggy pants!
I don't have any experience teaching kids, but my grandma always says that the best way to teach colors is just to constantly describe things in real life. "Lets put on your blue shirt", "do you want to play with the red car or the yellow car?" etc. I don't really know if it works, but she swears by it.
I guess now you know I blog stalk you :)