Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok.... Everything has been so hecktic around here. Full time is crazy but I love it. It makes things really busy at home between the kids, studying and the house it has been really hard to just sit and take a breath for a few minutes. Shane does such a great job with keeping up with the kids and house that I don't need to worry about anything.
So lately we have been trying to potty train Levi. It is going rather well. On Sunday Levi asked me if he could pee in the water..... Light bulb went on in my head. "aaaahhhh hhhhaaaa!" this is my cue, so off we went. After a few times Levi said just before finishing this was our conversation

Levi: " Shake it mom Shake it...."
Me: "what do you mean shake it" (as I glance over seeing him trying to shake while on the potty)
Levi: "Shake it, I need to Shake it.
Me: "no honey you need to wipe it. Wiping is better"
I hand him a square of TP, he wipes and flushes. Now only if I could get Shane to teach Levi the same :)
Still no luck in getting Olivia to eat any thing other then milk. I guess you just keep trying. With halloween just around the corner I am excited to take many pictures of my cute little ones. So stay tuned for more....


Mom said...

So very cute Rahndi, I love seeing your kids and what you're doing, keep the posts comming!!!

Josy said...

Your kids sure are growing up fast. How do you like the change in units? Keep in touch

Chantry and Jamie said...

That I cuite! the fun is just begining !!