Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CRaZY!!! Times

Olivia's hair is Finally long enough for PIG TAILS. Ya Hooo
mastering the skill of eating a Chocolate ice cream cone
This past week we have been finishing our back yard/
garden area as well as replacing some plants that did
not make it through the winter. Cute Olivia was hanging out with
with me inside while watching her dad digging holes for our
burning brushes.
lately Olivia just wants to stand like this.
Levi and Olivia riding in the wheel barrel filled
with soil.
Aren't they so cute
Olivia's first experience with time out. She
even stayed there the whole time.
A couple of weeks ago I took the kids up to
Grandpa Chard's to play for the day.
Here are some Pict's of the crazy day.

My dad lets Levi drive his red truck
down in his field. Levi talks about it
for days
This was just after we got home and
put the kids in bed. This was approx 5 min
after she was put down.
This mess was started by the one and only
Olivia and Levi decided to assist.