Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Absolutely Crazy SUMMER!!

Lets just say that Olivia is literally everywhere and into everything.
We all went to the parade hoping that it would be an enjoyment. Levi ABSOLUTELY loved it especially the fire trucks. Olivia would not stop going into the middle of the road.
Aunt Leslie came to visit in July. We Miss her SO MUCH!!!

Every morning Shane takes the kids for a bike ride and end up at the local parks for a couple of hours. The kids love the rides and the exploring.
Shane and I went to Park City with his brother and their family. Levi was out of control excited to ride the alpine slide. I waited at the bottom to catch a few Pict's. Levi also rode the airplane and carousel.
And lastly we took the kids on the tracks train to downtown Salt lake to wonder around down town and Temple square. No matter where we go Olivia is always finds dirt and goes to town. She definitely does not mind to be dirty.