Monday, March 23, 2009


Olivia IS HERE!!!

Our beautiful Olivia arrived in a very fast fashion at 1:11 am 3/20.   Other than some serious drama (almost not making it to the hospital, not having any medication, SLOW mo RN..... to name a few)she is Healthy and ADORABLE!!!  She swallowed some Meconium during delivery. Luckly it was thin and a very small amount (and hasn't had any respiratory issues thus far).  I think Shane told me 16 cc's.  Her glucose was also a problem at delivery... 37 .  It wouldn't come up with a bottle so she ended up needing an IV and getting Sugar through that for about 36 hrs.  

With the DRAMA , she and I are doing well.  Levi is adjusting.  Shane is able to take a month off to be home with us.  
I have ton's of picts.  I promise to post them soon.


Sami Cook said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of little olivia!

Alisha said...

Pictures.....I can't wait!
I can totally tell you work in a hospital! :)